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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Where to shop and save around Glassboro

I looked around the Glassboro NJ area to see where students at Rowan University could find the cheapest cooking essentials that they need for even the most basic of recipes. I decided on necessities by looking at what tools and ingredients I use in my own dorm kitchen, then narrowing that down based on how …

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Scenes from a college kitchen

When dorms don’t allow a toaster oven, sometimes students get crafty with what they have available.

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Top eight most important tools for dorm cooking

When cooking in a dorm room, the things you use to make dinner can be just as important as what is being cooked. Before making your next at home meal, be sure to stock up on these kitchen essentials. A microwave or micro fridge: Most colleges allow microwaves or rental micro fridges in dorm rooms. Having a …

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