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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

What’s coming up for Dorm and Dine

In the next month or so, I’m going to be adding quite a few new things on the blog. First, I plan on doing an audio Q and A with Rowan University students, asking them to share their best and worst cooking stories with me. Variety during mealtimes is important, especially if there are a …

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Easy recipe for a microwave apple snack

In college, most people might have grown accustomed to the grab and go culinary technique, where meals don’t take more than a few minutes at most. After getting used to eating light, however, going home for a weekend visit can be pretty strange. Suddenly, there’s cabinets of food to replace a  sparse breakfast granola bar, and …

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What’s cooking in the Rowan University dorms

It’s the eve of midterm week at Rowan University, and many of the students are cooped up in their dorms studying for a multitude of tests. When it comes to eating during these cram sessions, everyone has a different comfort food. I wandered around the apartments on campus around dinnertime, knocking on doors and seeing …

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Five Easy Mug and Microwave Desserts

With college midterms coming up in the next few weeks, sugar becomes absolutely necessary for getting through the all night study sessions. But before going to the store for a whole box of  brownies, take a peek at some of these single serve microwave dessert recipes. All that’s needed are a few ingredients, a microwave, …

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