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What’s cooking for the next month

Photo courtesy of moonflowerdragon on Flikr

Photo courtesy of moonflowerdragon on Flikr

Over the next few weeks, there’s going to be a few new things popping up on the blog.

For starters, I plan on sitting down with a Rowan University RA to see what advice they have for the aspiring dorm chef. I also want to know if they have any favorite tips, tricks, and recipes that they can share with us, as well as what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to appliances.

When I’m in my dorm around dinnertime, I can always catch the scent of what everyone is cooking up in their own kitchens. Sometimes, it’s smoke and fire, but sometimes there’s an actual, edible, food smell in the air that makes my mouth water. I’m going to visit my neighbors and see what food they’ve got to show me. I’m really interested in the creative ways that ¬†students without access to cooking appliances prepare meals, and I hope to get the inside scoop on creative dorm cooking methods. I’m also going to post some photos of what I find, so keep your eyes peeled.

Food isn’t the only part of cooking, especially when most of your meals are going to be prepared a la microfridge. I’m going to be making a list of the essentials for any dorm kitchen, as well as where to get the best deals on the tools of the trade.

If anyone has any suggestions for recipes, or if you just want to share some dorm cooking advice, feel free to leave a comment.



  1. eric m

    hi, i like the layout. the theme is pretty cool and easy to read. I think you forgot your hyperlinks though. Nice pictures.

  2. No hyperlinks yet, Eric! Stay tuned though, I’m going to be posting these in the next few weeks. Thanks for the feedback

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