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Five microwave-only dinner recipes to get you through the week


Photo courtesy of Chris Tengi on Flikr

After the Valentine’s Day madness of this past week, ordering takeout might seem like the easiest option for a warm meal. Not so! I scoured some of my favorite cooking blogs, and found some recipes that are sure to leave you (and your roommates) very happy. Here are five easy recipes ready-made for the microwave.

  1. Small Kitchen College came up with a simple recipe for homemade lasagna that does not require an oven. No, really.
  2. Cdkitchen has instructions for a yummy microwavable green beans and ham dish.
  3.  This recipe for shepherd’s pie from ifood takes a little while to cook, but it is definitely worth the wait.
  4. For pasta lovers, this spaghetti and meat sauce recipe from busy cooks is cheap and easy to make.
  5. This microwave chicken stir fry recipe from has to be marinated overnight, but turns into a delicious and simple dinner that will leave plenty of leftovers.


  1. this is a really good idea for a blog and this post has already given me some ideas that i might want to try. i find myself wanting something good to eat but not wanting to take the time to cook it but this microwave-only post is interesting.

  2. I love all 5 of these recipes and seeing that I can’t cook to save my life, I’m sure I’ll be using each one of them! Thanks for the tips! Your blog looks great 🙂


  1. The final page of the recipe book | Dorm & Dine
  2. The final page of the cookbook | Dorm & Dine

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