Dorm & Dine

Recipes, tips, and tricks for better cooking on campus

Everyone’s a Chef

When asked for their idea of a meal, many college students will reply with the staple foods of university life; easy mac, popcorn, ramen noodles, or some form of late night takeout are almost synonymous with on-campus dining. But in the interest of avoiding the low health, high sodium diet of the typical student, some will look for better options, often attempting to cook meals themselves. Dorm living, however, can raise many problems for the eager collegiate chef.

That’s where I come in. I want to know what college kids are cooking up (or burning down) in their very own dorm rooms. How do you tackle the limitations of college life – time, tools, money – and despite everything, turn a few simple ingredients into something edible? How can you even cook food – real food – in a microwave? What keeps you cooking in instead of dining out? And more importantly, how do you keep those pesky, super sensitive dorm fire alarms from going off at the slightest provocation? Along with sharing the cooking methods of fellow students living on campus, I’ll find the dorm foodies. The ones that love to cook, and to eat, and know how to do so with only a micro fridge and 100 square feet of living space. I’ll also track down the first time chefs, the ones that sometimes know the easiest and cheapest recipes, and asking them what they’ve learned so far. There’s a lot of different people out there, and some lack culinary knowledge, but in one way or another, everyone is a chef, and everyone can learn to cook.

Food means something to everyone, but for college students, it can mean anything from a quick break from homework to a way of impressing your significant other with a home cooked meal. So here’s my blog. What does it mean to Dorm and Dine?


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