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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

How not to boil food

A watched pot never boils but an unwatched pot boils until there’s no water and your food is burnt and cooking is a fail.   Advertisements

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Rowan students learning outside of the classroom

When I started walking around the dorm hallways this afternoon, I was keeping my eyes (and nose) open for evidence of someone who was cooking something delicious. While the first few rooms I stopped by were more of the Ramen noodle variety of college culinary, I hit the jackpot on my fourth stop of the …

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What’s cooking for the next month

Over the next few weeks, there’s going to be a few new things popping up on the blog. For starters, I plan on sitting down with a Rowan University RA to see what advice they have for the aspiring dorm chef. I also want to know if they have any favorite tips, tricks, and recipes …

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Five microwave-only dinner recipes to get you through the week

After the Valentine’s Day madness of this past week, ordering takeout might seem like the easiest option for a warm meal. Not so! I scoured some of my favorite cooking blogs, and found some recipes that are sure to leave you (and your roommates) very happy. Here are five easy recipes ready-made for the microwave. …

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Everyone’s a Chef

When asked for their idea of a meal, many college students will reply with the staple foods of university life; easy mac, popcorn, ramen noodles, or some form of late night takeout are almost synonymous with on-campus dining. But in the interest of avoiding the low health, high sodium diet of the typical student, some …

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